Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement: Expert Advice from Above All Construction LLC in NOLA

Your roof plays a crucial role in protecting your home from various weather hazards, and as such, it requires regular maintenance and, eventually, replacement. Living in the Greater New Orleans area, where weather conditions can be unpredictable, it’s important to recognize the signs that indicate your roof may need replacement. In this article, we’ll discuss the telltale signs.

1. Age of the Roof:

One of the primary indicators that your roof might need replacement is its age. Asphalt shingle roofs, which are common in the Greater New Orleans area, tend to last around 20 to 25 years. If your roof is approaching or has exceeded this lifespan, it’s a good idea to start considering a replacement, even if there are no visible issues yet.


2. Curling or Buckling Shingles:

When inspecting your roof, look for shingles that are curling, buckling, or showing signs of significant wear and tear. These shingles are no longer effectively protecting your home, leaving it vulnerable to leaks and water damage. 

3. Missing or Damaged Shingles:

Strong winds, heavy rains, and even hailstorms can cause shingles to become dislodged or damaged. Missing shingles can create openings that allow water to penetrate the roof structure, leading to leaks and potential mold growth. This is especially relevant after Ida a couple years ago.


4. Granule Loss:

Asphalt shingles have granules that protect them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Over time, these granules can wear off, leaving the shingles susceptible to UV damage and reducing their overall effectiveness and lifespan.

5. Moss and Algae Growth:

The humid climate in the Greater New Orleans area can encourage the growth of moss, algae, and other vegetation on your roof. While it might seem harmless, these organisms can trap moisture and cause shingle deterioration. So, we normally recommend going with GAF shingles because they provide a 25-year no-color-change (I.e. no algae) warranty. Check GAF to see our rating.

6. Interior Water Stains and Leaks:

Water stains on your ceiling or walls are clear signs of a leaking roof. If left unaddressed, these leaks can lead to significant structural damage and mold issues. If you have seen such spots, it’s crucial to have your roof inspected promptly by a licensed inspector. The trick is the insurance accepts only the licensed roofers’ reports (while many home improvements contractors have the knowledge but aren’t eligible to give reports and estimates).  But the good news is Above All Construction LLC as a licensed residential and commercial roofing company can provide you with this service! 

Above All Construction LLC as a one-stop roofing and siding service provider in Greater New Orleans Area:

When it comes to addressing your roofing needs in the Greater New Orleans area, Above All Construction LLC stands out as a reliable and experienced roofing company. With a strong reputation for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, we are your go-to experts for roof replacement and repairs.

Why Choose Above All Construction LLC As Your Roofing Contractor in NOLA:

Our company works with integrity and excellence. Consider the main reasons to choose us:

  • Local Presence and Expertise

Having served the Greater New Orleans area for years, we understand the unique challenges posed by the climate and weather conditions in the region (Please see the Areas We Serve)

  • Skilled Professionals

Our team comprises skilled and trained roofing professionals who are well-versed in various roofing materials and techniques.

  • Comprehensive Services

From initial inspections to complete roof replacements, we at Above All Construction LLC offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs. We can even help you file or understand your insurance claim.

  • Quality Materials

We source high-quality roofing materials with great warranty terms to ensure your new roof is durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand the elements.

  • Workmanship Warranty

We value our clients and make sure you get the highest quality and service. The fact that most of our clients come as referrals proves that. So, we offer 25 years of workmanship warranty on top of 50 years of GAF warranty, for instance.

  • Project Managent

We have our professional project manager available at the job site to ensure the quality of the work and keep you in the loop of the progress. 

  • Thorough Cleanup

After the roof has been successfully repaired or replaced, we make sure to clean the mess and pick up all the nails with the help of the magnets, we magnet and clean the gutters, and sweep the area because our clients deserve that.


Protecting your home from the unpredictable weather in the Greater New Orleans area starts with a well-maintained and functioning roof. By staying vigilant and recognizing the signs of a roof in need of replacement, you can save yourself from costly repairs down the road. When the time comes for a replacement, trust the experts at Above All Construction LLC to provide you with top-notch roofing solutions that will keep your home safe and secure for years to come.


Contract us at 504-446-3271 and get your free estimate asap!

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