How to Maintain the Roof to Reduce Your Home Insurance Cost?

Maintaining your roof can not only help reduce the likelihood of damage and the need for repairs, but it can also help lower your insurance costs. Here are some tips for maintaining your roof:

  1. Regular inspections: Have your roof inspected regularly by a professional licensed contractor to identify any issues early on. This can help prevent small problems from becoming larger and more expensive issues.

  2. Keep gutters clean: Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and damage your roof. Make sure to clean your gutters regularly to prevent water damage.

  3. Trim trees and remove debris: Overhanging branches can scratch and damage your roof during high winds. Trim trees and branches that are too close to your roof.Debris such as leaves, branches, and other debris can accumulate on your roof and cause damage over time. Make sure to remove debris from your roof regularly.

  4. Repair damage promptly: If you notice any damage, such as missing or cracked shingles or leaks, have it repaired as soon as possible. Prompt repairs can prevent further damage and help keep insurance costs down. Call Above All Construction LLC if you have noticed any of that and we will help you resolve the issue in no time at a reasonable cost.

  5. Maintain good ventilation: Proper ventilation in your attic can help prevent moisture buildup and reduce the risk of mold growth, which can damage your roof.

  6. By maintaining your roof properly, you can help prevent damage and minimize the need for repairs, which can lower your insurance costs. Be sure to discuss any potential discounts with your insurance provider that may be available for regular roof maintenance.

  7. Louisiana residents can save big on wind insurance premiums by taking advantage of FORTIFIED standards. Most insurers offer discounts for complying with the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code or installing mitigation improvements. Plus, homeowners can receive a tax deduction of up to $5,000 for retrofitting to updated codes, including FORTIFIED standards such as sealed roof decks and opening protection. Click here for more information.

Above All Construction LLC specializes in applying fortified roofing systems and handle receiving the fortified certificate through our fortified home inspector.

Above All Construction LLC is certified and insured to help you fix or replace your roof with the joint 70 years in business as a family. We are local and served the area before the hurricane and after. You can trust our expertise and over 70 positive Google reviews!

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